Jewish Meditation Circle

The practice of Jewish meditation helps us to cultivate four qualities central to Jewish living: chesed (loving-kindness), rahamim (compassion), simha (happiness), and shalom (wholeness, equanimity, ease, peace). In our meditation circle, we chant verses from traditional Jewish prayers or psalms.  Then, we sit, walk and practice other forms of mindfulness meditation.  In addition, we discuss Jewish texts from the perspective of this contemplative practice.

As a participant, you may experience the benefits of  meditation in all areas of your life. The practice may lead you to life enriching--if not life changing--insights into Torah. And, it may also help you live in a way that is more deeply informed by Torah. The Congregation Beth Israel Jewish Meditation Circle is open to all—beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  Instruction,which is always provided, helps guide us into this contemplative practice. Therefore, even if you've never before heard of Jewish Meditation, you can easily and fully participate in your first session.  Above all, our Jewish Meditation Circle provides a loving and supportive community in which each of us gains insights that help us live in more loving, kind and compassionate ways.
The Meditation Circle usually meets every other Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. The exact schedule will be posted on our calendar, so please check back often. We hope to see you in our Jewish Meditation Circle!