Buying To Benefit

Grocery Cards

Help Beth Israel raise BIG money without spending an extra dime!

Do this by purchasing a prepaid Ingles Supermarkets grocery card from the synagogue each month. CBI gets 5% of the value of every card we sell.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Decide how much you will spend on groceries at Ingles each month.
  2. Call CBI at 828-252-8660 to register for the grocery card program and to order cards for that amount.
  3. When you receive an email that the cards have arrived, pick yours up at CBI and write a check for the amount of the cards.  That's it!

Cards will be purchased for you every month unless you call and cancel.

Grocery cards can also be mailed to you.  However, if the cards are lost or stolen, you are still responsible for paying for them.  Also, if you pay by credit card, add a 3% processing fee.