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An Appeal for Ceramic Vests


The following letter was sent to us by the future father-in-law of Shelley’s son,
Yarden. Gil and the entire Timor family live on Kibbutz Carmia (less than 500
yards from the northern border of Gaza). Shelley and I have been welcomed
into the home of this warm and caring family on several occasions. The two
oldest of five children have been called up to serve – Yarden’s fiance, Einav, to
the Northern border and her brother to the Gaza border.
As Gil writes in his letter, the soldiers lack critical life-saving equipment, in
particular, ceramic plated vests. So, taking matters into his own hands, he
signed a contract with the leading Israeli manufacturer of these vests,
purchasing 110 of them for distribution to his son’s unit. Our goal is to get
donations to help defray this huge expense (part of which is a loan that he has
We intend to consolidate all donations and make one wire transfer to his
account in Israel. It is the least expensive way of getting the money to him.
If you are interested in donating to this cause or want further information,
please contact me by email or telephone:
Mobile: 828-808-0029
Thank you for considering this matter,
Brad and Shelley Fisher


Subject: Request to help fund ceramic vests for “Palchan” paratroopers

My name is Gil Timor. I am a resident of Otef Gaza, (native of Kibbutz Carmia and member of the kibbutz), 59 years old and the father of 5 children.  All my children were born, and grew up in the Gaza Strip. Following high school, they contributed a year of community service prior to enlisting in
the IDF for a significant military service. My two youngest sons are currently enlisted in combat units.  As of now, my two older children are officers in infantry units and are in active reserve service as part of order/decree 8.  This appeal, as mentioned, is for my son’s unit, Adi Timor, an officer with the rank of Captain at the Palchan Paratroopers 6646.  My son Adi was drafted in order 8 immediately upon the outbreak of the war on Saturday 7.10.23.  Adi arrived at his troop’s assembly ground in order to prepare for entering the Otef Gaza to conduct an operational activity.

After several days have passed in which they still haven’t received the necessary gear required for the combat – LIFE SAVING equipment and equipment crucial for operational survival (ceramic vests, night vision equipment, etc.) and after I was informed that the IDF has major shortages in equipment, and that there is no way to know when – if at all – it will arrive, I made a decision to act proactively and ordered 110 Ceramic vests for the whole troop.  As a military man myself, and as someone who served in the reserves until recently in various units in the YAHASH formation (squad commander in the paratrooper patrol, GDSAR brigade in the Lebanon war, established the Mobility Unit in the 55th brigade and the Gaza division and brigade in the deep headquarters) as well as someone who regularly deals (and these days to the utmost extent)- in the security and safety system in the Gaza Strip as part of my activities as the deputy head of the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, and as someone who is well aware of the importance, need , and vitality of life protective equipment for soldiers (in 2021 in Operation Wall Guard/Shomer Homot, I suffered a serious and complex shoulder injury due to a lack of life protective equipment), and above all – as a concerned father, I could not stand by and let my son and his fellow young troopers enter the battlefield without the gear and appropriate equipment.

It should be noted that the ceramic vests were purchased only after I thoroughly examined and conducted research with military officials, and confirmed that indeed there are not enough ceramic vests in the units and it is extremely difficult to obtain them. Naturally, due to the heightened risks during these difficult and uncertain times, I went ahead and ordered the vests from the factory Hagor in
Israel, which specializes in the production of ceramic vests. As terms for their release, I had to personally purchase them. I can provide the invoices for the vests purchased at a total cost of NIS
243,243.  I would greatly appreciate if you would be so kind to help fund this cost.
With hopes for better days, greetings and thank you in advance for your generosity.
Respectfully yours,

Gil Timor