CBI Virtual Office

Welcome to the CBI Virtual Office, where you can take care of a bunch of CBI-type errands without  leaving the house. Make a payment toward your annual pledge, purchase Ingles cards, make a spur-of-the-moment contribution toward your favorite fund, purchase tickets for an upcoming event and more! 

Need a copy of your latest quarterly statement?

CBI members, if you need a copy of your latest quarterly statement to see what your current balance, click here.

Contribute to CBI

Anyone is welcome to support CBI throughout the year. Use the drop down menu to find a program/cause that speaks to you. Want to give in honor or memory of someone or some event? We'll make sure to let them know.

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Make a Fair Share Payment

CBI members can make payments toward their annual Fair Share contribution. Please specify if this is a once-a-year payment in full, twice-a-year payment, quarterly payment or a monthly payment due in 10 installments. Please remember to include the $90 annual Kiddish fee and the $90 Building fund. If you need to make a payment toward the Building Reserve, you'll find it below.

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Answer the Kol Nidre Appeal

Each year at the beginning Yom Kippur, during the Kol Nidre service, CBI makes a special appeal to members and guests to support us in the work we do. This voluntary gift of the heart, pledged on  Judaism's holiest night, can be fulfilled anytime during the year.

Make a Building Reserve Payment 

New member families pay an extra $950 toward the Building Reserve Fund to cover major unexpected repairs to the building. The payment may be spread out over six years.