Pesach Packages

"Next year in Jerusalem, this year in isolation."

Let's face it, preparing for Pesach can be hard enough in "normal times." This year, it promises to be even harder. We feel your pain.

Don't shop for seder if you don't have to. CBI will be offering Pesach care packages for any and all congregants who would like one. Each package will include matzah, gefilte fish, horseradish, matzah ball soup mix, and the basic makings for charoset- among other items. Packages will be available for drive-by pick up (we'll bring it to your car) or let us know if you'd prefer to have it delivered and we can make that happen as well.

If you'd like a Pesach package, please email Rochelle  to ensure we make enough. Stay tuned for specific details about pick up times and stay safe.     

 Hopefully, this will be one more small way to help us all stay connected during these unusual tiumes.