Friday Noon Study Group

December 20, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Friday, December 20, 12-1

We will conclude this round of our weekly conversations on issues related to Jewish sensibilities.

For the past 50 years the publication Sh’ma Now has curated a distilled “conversation” bringing to­gether several voices around a single theme. Participants in our study group will have an opportunity to join in this conversation.

Last week, our group took up the concept of Anavah: Humility.  We discussed how the trait of humility is made manifest in how individuals occupy their God-given space, maintaining a balance between ourselves and the world around us, not overestimating ourselves or our abilities, but not underestimating them either.  We discussed humility in a variety of concepts, including its possible connections to the Kabbalistic notion of tzimtzum, and how it helps us to differentiate between transactional and relational leadership styles.

This week, we’ll explore Machlochet L’Shem Shamayim/Argument for the Sake of Heaven

How do we participate in constructive argumentation? How are we shaped by such discourse?

Our informal discussion group, which has been in operation for nearly 20 years, meets every Friday from 12-1 in the CBI Library.  All are welcome to join us, regardless of their level of expertise or attendance at previous noon study group discussions. If you have questions, please contact Jay Jacoby at

Materials related to this week’s discussion can be found on the following link:

*Once you get to the first page, you’ll need to click on the “Download PDF” button that appears on the screen in order to get the text of the full issue of Sh’ma Now.

If you plan on joining us, please access and read the materials posted on this Sh’ma Now link.

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