Online Friday Noon Study Group

July 2, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Online Friday Noon Study Group

Friday, August 6, 12-1

This week our study group will begin its examination of the life and legacy of Julius Rosenwald, CEO of Sears, Roebuck and noted Jewish philanthropist who helped to establish over 5,000 schools for African-American children throughout the American South. For the next several weeks we will be discussing Hasia Diner’s Julius Rosenwald: Repairing the World, (Yale University Press ”Jewish Lives” Series, 2017) which is available on a number of internet outlets.  For a brief preview of this text, you can access a 20-minute podcast from Yale’s ”Jewish Lives” at

This Friday, we’ll start out with a general overview of  Rosenwald, based on what participants may already know or have read about Rosenwald.  Below is a list of videos which offer brief snapshots of his life and contributions.  It would be helpful if participants viewed a few of these videos prior to our discussion on 8/6.

Julius Rosenwald and His Gifts to America’s Well-Being:
How Rosenwald schools transformed African-American education in the rural South:
Rosenwald Schools: Helping Communities Help Themselves
The Fight to Preserve Rosenwald Schools
New film profiles little-known Jewish philanthropist who built African-American schools:
Trailer of Aviva Kempner film:
Author Eli Evans on why Julius Rosenwald is not well known
1-hour Video: Hasia R. Diner on the philanthropic legacy of Julius Rosenwald

We will begin discussing the opening chapters of Diner’s biography when we meet on August 13.  Our informal discussion group meets online via Zoom every Friday from 12 – 1.  All are welcome to join us, regardless of their level of expertise.  If you have questions, please contact Jay Jacoby at  


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