Why Are We Still Afraid?

Why Are We Still Afraid?: A reporter’s 46-year story of Israel growing strong

By Mark Lavie

It’s Israel as you’ve never seen it before—forty-six years of life, conflict, people, and society from ground level as it happened, with context and depth, through the eyes of an award-winning American journalist who’s also an Israeli, husband, father, grandfather, Orthodox Jew, and soldier—proving that Israel is stronger than ever and needs to act like it. The book has four sections: conflict, society, people, and media. You’ll walk alongside the author as he interacts with Israel on many levels, encountering heroes and demagogues, leaders and followers, Jews and Arabs–and you’ll follow him to the conclusion that Israel cannot fix the Palestinians, but it can fix itself–and in its upcoming election, Israel’s emphasis should be on domestic problems and not exaggerated security threats.

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