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Welcome to "Renovation Central!". Below are periodic updates showing the progress of CBI's (approximately) year-long project to upfit our physical building in order to match the excitement, dedication and community of those who call it home. Check out the progress and watch the dream unfold!

Week 46: September 6, 2018

Week 49 and we're in the homestretch. With the exception of the construction of the central reader's platform in the sanctuary and replacing the skylight at the front entrance, all of the structural renovation work is now complete and we're into the finishing stages. What you see in these photos are changes in the sanctuary, work in the social hall, refinishing the pews and hanging sheetrock in the main areas outside the sanctuary. But there are vast improvements just about everywhere you look, and including places you can't even see. This includes a brand new hearing loop, not only in the sanctuary but in the social hall as well and a new sound system, too. Kudos to the Capital Campaign Oversight Group under the leadership of Mike Weizman and the architects at Seigman Architecture for bringing the project in on-budget. More importantly, a gigantic yasher koach to everyone who contributed their expertise, time and money to help make this transformation possible.

  • Here is the view of the ceiling in the sanctuary as you look straight up from the Ark.
  • The pews are getting a thorough sanding, revealing their original light-wood luster, a perfect compliment to the new ceiling. And wait until you see how beautiful it looks with the new cushions.
  • This view of the sanctuary is from the Ark, looking to the back. The finished ceiling, pendant lighting and new windows provide more than enough light, as well as visual warmth.
  • A closer shot of the finished wooden ceiling.
  • Around the foyer and main hallways outside the sanctuary and social hall, sheetrock is being installed as work in this area nears completion.
  • Work on the new ceiling in the social hall, including the "cloud" (in yellow) is drawing to a close as well. The final step will be to install the remaining ceiling tiles.
  • The social hall is also receiving a fresh coat of paint. With the ceiling and painting complete, all that will be left to do is to lay down the new bamboo flooring.
  • A final look inside the sanctuary looking toward the ark. With the ceiling complete, work can now begin on the final stage: constructing the central reader's platform and returning the newly sanded and covered pews.

Week 35: June 27, 2018

35 weeks in now, and many of the wonderful transformations we envisioned when we began this project – back in 2015 – are coming into view. One of the most inspiring is the unique contoured wood ceiling in the sanctuary that will give the appearance of undulating light-colored clouds. Meanwhile, in other parts of the building, workers are placing brand new, bright floor and wall tiles in the bathrooms and beginning the trim work on the tallit rack and water fountain area on the opposite side. As a little bonus, the water fountain will also feature a “filling station” for water bottles. In the foyer, by the entry doors, contractors are prepping the wall for the installation of a large high-definition monitor that will display upcoming events/programs, donor recognition, photos from recent activities and more. “If you will it, it is no dream.” Theodore Hertzl.   

  • The scaffolding is still in place in the sanctuary as the framing for a uniquely designed ceiling continues.
  • In the the sanctuary, framing for the intricate "floating" ceiling is complete.
  • Here is the finished installed substrate that the wooden ceiling timbers will attach to, giving a light, floating appearance in the sanctuary.
  • Lastly, the light-colored timbers that will cover the undulating ceiling.
  • Two new air handlers in the HVAC air room will help increase our energy efficiency throughout the building
  • New high-gloss wall tiles in the bathrooms.
  • New flooring tiles in the bathrooms
  • Thanks to good oversight of the CCOG and careful planning on the part of SAI Design, weve got enough to give the kitchen a facelift.

Week 32: June 4, 2018

We are now 75% of the way through the renovation and things are coming together very nicely inside our building. The CCOG and members of our leadership were given a tour recently, and it all looks fabulous – transformational in fact. The bathrooms have been drywalled and plumbed, the sanctuary ceiling is now being constructed, the ceilings throughout the building have been framed in, the entire building has been re-wired and so much more. And for those who weren't able to make it to the Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 10th - the answer is yes, we are still on budget. In fact, we are slightly UNDER budget. The only issue is timing. Moisture in the social hall - most likely attributable to old mortar joints and not our new roof - will most likely set us back a couple of weeks. This means that there is chance we will not back in until after Yom Kippur. Other than that, we have so much of which to be much to look forward to. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Rendering showing the floor-to-ceiling tallit rack with the water fountain and restrooms on the other side.
  • And here is the framing for the tallit rack. You can see the restrooms and stubbing for the water fountain behind it.
  • Light from the eight new windows in the sanctuary forms a cool geometric pattern on the back wall of the bimah, framing the Ark.
  • New, larger ceiling tiles in the social hall are ready to be installed. The white skirting around the edges where the ceiling meets the walls provides a clean, sharp look.
  • This is a scaled down model of the undulating floating wood ceiling being installed in the sanctuary. The ceiling is being constructed using the light-colored wood beams in the background.
  • The ceiling in the common areas feature a two-level profile, enabling us to open up the look and feel of the space by raising the ceiling where possible.
  • This is "the Cloud", a floating section of the ceiling in the social hall. Pendant lighting hanging from the cloud will provide a more intimate feel. The upper surface of the cloud will conceal a state-of-the-art projection system.

Week 16: March 4, 2018

Our much-anticipated renovation project is now approximately 30-percent complete! The biggest changes you will notice are in the sanctuary where the large windows on the back walls are now being installed, flooding the new space with sunlight. Workers are also now ready to begin work on the main elevated reading platform in the center of the newly reconfigured space. Elsewhere, the framing for the new ceiling in the social hall and common areas is being completed and is nearly ready for installation of the ceiling panels. Work is also moving along in the three new ADA-compliant restrooms (men's room, ladies' room and a family bathroom). Also happy to announce that, so far, the project is both on schedule and on budget. Thanks to the diligence and hard work of the CBI CCOG committee and management from the folks at SAI Design. Stay tuned for the next installment!

  • The opening for the sanctuary windows are being outlined as workers prepare to cut the rough openings.
  • "Let there be light!" The new windows in the sanctuary are being installed. The difference between this photo and the preceding one is, as you can see, dramatic.
  • Work is now ready to begin on the construction of the elevated main reading platform in the middle of the sanctuary. Notice the sunlight from the existing bimah windows on the ark, while light from the new windows on the opposite side illuminate the rest of the space.
  • The final pieces to the ceiling infrastructure are being put into place as workers prepare to install the drop ceiling.
  • Framing of the new ADA-compliant restrooms is nearly complete.
  • Another view inside one of the three stubbed and framed restrooms.
  • A view looking up at the ceiling in the sanctuary, you can see the framing for the new ceiling as well as all ten windows, now installed.

Week 12: January 28, 2018

Three months in and things are beginning to take shape. In the sanctuary the stage is nearly set for the installation of the central walkway to the main reading platform in the middle. And the new all-wood ceiling is close to being ready to be put in place. Meanwhile, changes in the social hall are progressing, from the top down, as the new infrastructure for the ceiling ceiling is going in; the same is true in the hallway outside the sanctuary. So far according to the Capital Campaign Oversight Group (CCOG), the renovations are both on schedule and well within budget.  

  • The outline of the new streamlined bima is now complete. The ramp to the central reading platform will begin several feet in front of the bima "protrusion".
  • The plumbing for the new family restroom is now being installed and tied into the main plumbing system.
  • The "hallmark" Jewish star skylight in the entryway gets its owning framing system as well. The skylight itself and flashing around it have been reinforced as well.
  • Here is the new, higher ceiling framing system on the other side of the sanctuary.
  • Now you can see the framing system for the ceiling in the hallway outside the sanctuary. It will provide more headroom and help the entire space feel larger.
  • The scaffolding and scissors lift are in position to begin installing the new wooden ceiling in the sanctuary when it arrives. The light color of the new wood will accent the natural illumination from the new windows and new lighting system.
  • Framing for the lowest part of the social hall ceiling will allow installation for the screen projector and other equipment. It will also lend some visual depth to the social hall.

Week 8: December 27, 2017

Much of the demolition has now been completed and crews have started to install the new infrastructure. This includes the framing system for the new ceilings in the social hall, foyer and common areas outside the sanctuary. Plumbing for the new bathrooms (men's room, women's room and family restroom) is also fairly far along. Inside the sanctuary, the old bima has been truncated to make room for additional seating and the pews  have all be removed and disassembled in preparation for fitting them into the new "in-the-round" configuration. 

  • With the main bima being relocated to the middle of the sanctuary, the depth of the existing bima can be cut back to make room for additional seating.
  • The old carpet in the small chapel has been removed in anticipation of new carpeting. The boards on the right hand wall are protecting our beautiful stained glass windows.
  • The bathrooms are being completely overhauled and reconfigured for a men's room, women's room and family restroom. Here you can see the plumbing system has been stubbed.
  • The foyer outside the sanctuary has now been completely taken down to the concrete, with the exception of the CBI History display case.
  • Here's the section on the other side of the sanctuary, which has also taken down to the concrete and with the framing system for the new ceiling in place.
  • Here is the perspective of the entryway and common area from Lee's office. Notice the framing system for the new ceiling is starting to take shape.
  • Sections of the sanctuary pews after being removed, cut and re-assembled to fit the new sanctuary configuration.

Week 1: November 3, 2017

Week 1 has all been about clearing out the rooms and spaces where a majority of the renovations will take place. This includes the social hall, sanctuary, small chapel, foyer and common areas outside the sanctuary; not just clearing the floor space and taking structures off the walls, but removing the old ceiling , including the framing, in many of the areas. The old bathrooms have also been gutted as crews prepare to break up the  concrete beneath the floors in order to stub in new plumbing for our reconfigured men's room, women's room and family restroom. Exciting. We're off and running!

  • In the foyer, looking toward the coat rack, water fountain and restrooms.
  • With the exception of the Ark and pews, the sanctuary has now been completely gutted. The next time we pray here, it will be entirely different. Remember the past - embrace the future.
  • Another shot of the social hall, as seen from the old bi-fold doors. The structure in the middle of the floor is part of the framing system for the new ceiling.
  • Inside the sanctuary, looking out from the bima. The acoustic tiles have been removed, along with the pews.
  • Judging by the exhaust fan at the top and the empty gray areas on the left wall, it seems like we've moved on to the guess is the women's restroom.
  • Gutting the area around the front doors and removing the drop ceiling
  • The old ceiling between the sanctuary and social hall has been removed, exposing the building's "bones".