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Fresh Ideas and Energy

Now that I have unpacked a few boxes and learned how to use the phone, copy machine and alarm system, I’m diving headfirst into some more cerebral stuff. This is an extremely exciting time for our Beth Israel family: we are in a position where we can redefine the ways in which we want to intersect with the shul, how we want the shul to intersect with us, what and how we want to participate… But quite honestly, before we can do any of that, we all have to know about the opportunities, programs, and the people. In order for us to know any of this, we need communication streams that are meeting us where we are. Here is where your help comes in: we need to hear from you about the ways in which you want to be communicated.

We are living in a time when information flashes before our eyes. Before we even have a millisecond to register what we saw, something else has caught our attention and we are onto something new. As a matter of fact, this article is actually in some ways a little bit of a test: if you are reading it, you’ve identified yourself as someone who reads this particular piece of communication – thank you! I’m actually going to request that you send me an email at with your name and one thing that you like about reading HaShofar and one thing that you’d like to see improved. As I begin to tackle our communication processes, your input will be invaluable. I also want to take this opportunity to thank those folks who are already working on communications and have done so over the past few years. Thank you Bruce Brown and Alan Silverman for all your dedication, time and talent with HaShofar and the website. We all very much appreciate you!

However, that leads to another way you might be able to help. We need some new volunteers to be part of the communication team – no one is getting kicked off (or quitting I hope), but we also welcome fresh ideas and energy. I am absolutely one of those people who subscribe to the many hands make light work concept of volunteering – so I promise to help keep the commitment manageable and fun.

Bottom line: one of my, before I pass Go priorities, is to engage you all in the process of establishing revisions to our communications plan. I’m ready to dive in. Who else wants to get wet?

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