Independent Jewish Synagogue in Asheville, NC

CBI Madrichim (Guides)

Create your own CBI experience

Do you have an idea for a program, initiative or event? Do you have an interest in a specific topic you’d like ot learn more about? CBI Madrichim (guides) are a team of congregants who have been around the block a few times (and then some). Their job is to help you convert your idea, passion or interest into a meaningful program the entire congregation can benefit from. After all, if it’s important to you, it’s probably important to others.

Working hand in hand with your Madrich, you’ll see your idea blossom. We’ll help you plan it, market it and bring it to a successful conclusion.

The CBI Madrichim (guides) initiative is designed to engage each and every member on a personal level; empower each of us to create the Jewish experiences that are meaningful for us; and, in doing so, enhance our potential for authentic Jewish expression. What is your passion or interest: a class, a club, a social action program, a fundraiser, a tikkun olam project, a social event?

Think about it. Then email Alan Silverman and we’ll help you make it happen!