Hanukkah Pop-up Store

Covid's still with us and the CBI gift shop is still closed. Hanukah's approaching, so what did we do? We improvised! Introducing CBI’s Hanukkah Pop-Up! a creative way for you to shop safely shop for Hanukkah. 

Fri. Nov. 20th
11am - 2pm

Mon. Nov. 30th
4pm - 6pm

Fri. Dec. 4th
11am - 2pm

Mon. Dec. 7th
4pm - 6pm

Three Ways to Shop Safely

Minimum Contact: Call Carol Samsky, 828-676-0765, and order/charge items over the phone. Then arrange for pick-up at the synagogue at a mutually agreed upon time.

Maximum Shopping Experience:  The CBI Pop-Up Shop will be open for in-person shopping (masks and social distancing required) during the days/times listed above. Be sure to check the CBI weekly news for any changes or additions to this schedule. 

At Your Service: If the first two options don’t work for you, call CBI and speak directly to Lee or Rochelle to see if they are available and it is a convenient time for them to sell from the Pop-up Store. If so, arrange a time to come in and get what you need.

Great Hanukkah Deals Are Literally Popping Up All Over 

If you've ever visited the CBI Gift Shop, you know that we stock hundreds of  Judaica items. So, the following list of  Hanukkah goodies is just a small sampling of what we've got. Looking for something special? Give us a call and let us help you find it.  

Candles and Menorahs

Box of deluxe candles  ($10), box of regular candles ($2),  Bag of gelt: 5 pieces of  kosher, nut-free Belgian chocolate ($1.50), wide selection of menorahs in a variety of styles ($10 - $160)

Dreidels, Dreidels, Dreidels

Medium-sized dreidel ($ .25), Gel putty-filled ($7), Set of 4 colorful ($4), Dreidel eraser ($1), “Flipping Dreidel” ($3), Super Stacking Dreidel ($4.50),  Plastic, fillable dreidel ($ .75)

Hanukkah Home Decor

Nickel and stone dreidel plate ($28), Towel set ($ 7), Assorted mugs ($5),  Salt and pepper set ($8), Decorative candle ($ .50), Bowl ($6), Placemats ($2.35 ea.)

Family Craft Kits

Suncatcher craft kit ($3.75), Beeswax candle making ($15), Shrink art  ($5.50), Glitter foam shapes ($3), Paint your own star menorah ($4.50) Plus, We also have 1000-piece puzzles and lots of  Hanukkah baking supplies – cookie cutters and baking sets.

Cards and Bags

Small gift bags ($1), Large gift bags ($2), Hanukkah cards ($1)