Help Louis Clean the Waters

On November 5, 2021, Louis Schactman, son of Josh and Lisa Schactman, became CBI's latest bar mitzvah. As is the custom at CBI, Louis selected a mitzvah project to demonstrate his commitment to living a life of Jewish values. Passionate about the environment, Louis has chosen to work toward raising money to help rid the world's waterways of plastic and trash by donating to Team Seas.

Team Seas is an international organization dedicated to cleaning up the world's oceans, beaches and rivers. Partnering with other organizations like the Ocean Conservancy, Team Seas is working to make a global impact. For every dollar donated, Team Seas promises to remove 1 pound of trash. Their current goal is to eliminate 30 million pounds of trash by January 1, 2022. Louis' hope is to contribute $1,000 toward the effort. But he can't do it alone. It takes a community.

To Make a Donation

  1. Go to  
  2. Create an account (takes 30 seconds)
  3. Enter Team Schactman as the team name, add a congratulatory note.
  4. Select an amount to donate
  5. Check out

Did you know:

  • Agricultural runoff is the leading cause of pollution in rivers and streams
  • In the US alone, 1.2 trillion untreated gallons of polluted water are dumped every year into rivers, lakes, and coastlines
  • The Gulf of Mexico's dead zone (created by pollution from the Mississippi River) is the size of New Jersey
  •  1% of rivers account for nearly 80% of pollution flowing from rivers.