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Help us welcome Jillian and Bart to the CBI family

A new year – more new additions to the CBI family!

On Saturday, September 24th, come help us welcome Jillian Krupp and Bart Martindale to the our growing CBI family.

Bart and Jillian moved to WNC about 4 years ago after a month-long road trip looking for a place that felt like home.  They landed, oddly enough, in Burnsville, NC.  Oddly because Jillian is originally from Baltimore, MD and Bart hails from Atlanta; so they are, well you know…city folk.

But somehow the rural life suited them. (it does kinda grow on you) They love being outside, traveling and spending time with family AND have a soft spot for animals, but not enough room for all that live with them. (Spoiler alert: life is about to get a bit more…eh, complicated for the couple as they are expecting their first child in a few months).

So far they have traveled to London, Paris and Berlin together and hope to get to travel much more. Bart runs his own construction company, Martindale Custom Carpentry and Renovations and Jillian is a school counselor in Haywood County Schools. Their dream is to one day have some land (typical WNC!) and for Bart to continue his business while Jillian goes into private practice, using land and animals as a healing service for kiddos.

With the chaos of Rosh HaShannah barely in our rear view mirror, it can be tough to summon the strength to make it to CBI one more time. Then again, it’s our job to “care for (and welcome) the stranger, because we were all strangers at one time.”

Shana Tova and Welcome, Jillian and Bart!!


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