Meet Chazzan Ilan Glazer

I am so very excited to join you in Asheville for the upcoming High Holidays. I've been a High Holiday Rabbi and Shaliach Tzibur (prayer leader) for 20 years, and I always enjoy coming to communities and helping facilitate meaningful services. Rabbi Justin and I are already hard at work planning for what we hope will be a musically-rich, spiritually-nourishing experience.

As we get closer, I'll be sending you some of the melodies we'll be singing together on the High Holidays. You'll certainly recognize many of the classic High Holiday melodies, and I'll bring some beautiful new ones as well. For now, please know how much I am looking forward to being with you. I've heard only good things about CBI, and having spent time with Rabbi Justin at Rabbis Without Borders retreats, I am excited to collaborate with him. I look forward to meeting all of you, and celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur together.

All the best,

Rabbi Ilan

About Rabbi Ilan Glazer is a freelance rabbi, speaker, and transformation coach based in Silver Spring, Maryland. A Rabbis Without Borders fellow and a Distinguished Toastmaster, Ilan hosts the new Torah of Life podcast (available on iTunes and at and is happily married to Sherri Vishner Glazer. Ilan has worked with many Jewish environmental and social justice organizations and has drummed with a who’s who of the Jewish musical world. He composes original melodies to prayers and psalms and offers a unique blend of Torah, humor, music, prayer, spirituality, healing, and insights from the storytelling, personal growth, and public speaking disciplines. He teaches widely, using Jewish wisdom to help others find meaning, healing, happiness, spirituality, and success in all areas of life. He can be reached at