High Holidays 5781/2020

Separated for now - Connected forever

 If 4,000 years of history have taught us anything, it's that our connections to each other and the Jewish people transcend physical space and time. Our resiliency is embedded in our cultural DNA. As we begin 5781/2020 at CBI, let us challenge ourselves to embrace the experience. 

CBI's Ritual and Re-Opening Committees have created a variety of opportunities to engage your mind, body and soul. We have abbreviated our services to help reduce "Zoom fatigue." We're also pleased to introduce Lindsay Goldman, JTS Rabbinic student who will lead our services this year.  In addition to our High Holiday services, we have a full schedule of programs, classes and activities for kids and adults of all ages.  Find those that speak to you and join us in doing what we do best - connecting with each other. 

Services & Such

About This Year's Services

Join Lindsay Goldman and the rest of the CBI family for uplifting (yet, safe) High Holiday services this year. Services include Erev Rosh Hashana, Rosh HaShannah first and second day, Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur day with Yizkor, and Ne'ilah. Each service has been somewhat abbreviated to help avoid Zoom fatigue. All services will be broadcast on Zoom.

(Services are open to CBI Members and Registered Guests)

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Download the High Holiday Prayer Book to Follow Along 

Below are the excerpts from our High Holiday makzor (prayer book) that we will be using. Click on a service to download so you can follow along or pray at your own pace.

Meet Cantor Lindsay Goldman

Lindsay Goldman is a 3rd-year rabbinic student at JTS and a native New Yorker. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in general and special education from New York University. As the Jewish Experience Associate at the University of Maryland Hillel, she worked to build a more cohesive pluralistic Jewish community of over 5000 students. Lindsay returned to the classroom at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School where she taught middle school. She is a Shapiro fellow as a past staff member of the education department at Ramah Day Camp in Nyack, and a former Slifka fellow serving as the Conservative rabbinical intern at the University of Maryland Hillel. Lindsay loves teaching, traveling and trying new restaurants (in short, an Ashevillian in the making). 

Special Shofar/Tashlich Services

Join us for a socially-distanced Shofar/Tashlich service on Rosh HaShannah Day 2 (September 20th) at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm or 4pm. This special family-oriented service will be led by Bob Deutsch,  and shofar blowers Frank Goldsmith and David Kayne. It will be held in the parking lot next to the stream where each family will have their own tent (maximum capacity of 10 people per tent). Everyone must wear a mask. Space is limited, advanced registration required.  The first service, at 1pm, will be live-streamed on Zoom.

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Kever Avot Service

Sunday, Sept. 27th, 11am  

The ancient custom of Kever Avot, literally “graves of the fathers,” dates almost as far back as Jews themselves. The tradition of visiting the cemetery before the High Holy Days, to show love and respect for the departed, began in the 14th century and continues to this day. On Sunday, Sept. 2tgth join Rabbi Wolf Alterman at Lou Pollock Cemetery for a brief socially-distanced Kever Avot service to remember and honor friends and family we've lost during the year. Please remember to wear a mask.

Tzedakah 2020

In past years, our congregation has hosted a food drive benefitting Manna Food Bank during the High Holidays.  This year, we are asking you to consider a donation to Beloved Asheville instead.  Beloved started as a food pantry for the homeless in Asheville. They have grown through the generosity of the people of Asheville. They have since developed a Street Medic Program which provides much needed health care to our fellow citizens living on the streets. This is a first of its kind in the country. They are staffed by volunteers and depend on donations for medical supplies. The Social Action Committee has taken on Beloved as one of our projects. If you are considering tzedakah through CBI this year, please consider a donation to Beloved Asheville. Checks can be made out to Beloved Asheville and mailed to the address below (this way I can mail them all together as a collective donation). For more information on Beloved, please visit their website: belovedasheville.com

Please mail checks to: Gail Gordon, 215 White Pine Drive, Fletcher, NC 28732

Classes and Activities

Sept. 18th, 3pm: Does U’netaneh Tokef still resonate in the age of Covid?

Join Hal Lewis, former Executive Director of the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, and current CBI member for a fascinating look at U'netaneh Tokef (“Let us Ascribe Power”). Delve into the meaning of one of the most well-known High Holyday prayers (a piyut, actually) and explore its relevance in light of a global pandemic and other traumatizing events.    

(CBI Members and Registered Guests Only)

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Sept. 21st, 7 - 8pm: Jewish Identity Exploration through Art  

This will be a fun opportunity to socialize & tap into your creative side.  NO artistic experience needed.  BYOC (bring your own colors).  You will need white paper or canvas and at least 8 colors (paint, crayons, markers, pencils...etc. Led by CBI Teen Alex Reich & co-presented with BBYO Kol Harim Chapter.

(Open to the public)

Explore & Create

Sept. 22nd, 7 - 8:30 pm: Racism Meets Anti-Semitism in Our Current Moment

As an educator, activist and spiritual teacher,  Yavilah McCoy has spent 20+ years working with multi-faith communities, and specifically the Jewish community, engaging in issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. In this workshop, hosted by the UNC-A Center for Jewish Studies, she'll examine racism and anti-Semitism as related ideologies and how they impact the Black and Jewish communities. As a Jewish woman of color, she pays particular attention to those who lie at the intersection of these two groups. 

(Open to the public)

Join the Program

Sept. 23rd, 7 - 8 pm: Erasing What’s There to Reveal What Else Is There: A Workshop  for the Days of Awe,

Nationally-acclaimed Jewish-American poet and professor, Dr. Rick Chess is your guide into the fascinating world of “erasure poems.” This literary style takes an existing, often well-known text, and erases some or many of the words to reveal another text within that original text. After looking at some examples, you’ll have an opportunity to write our own, working with prayer, psalm, Torah reading, or some other meaningful text.

(Open to the public)

Learn with Rick

Sept. 24th, 7 - 8 pm: High Holiday Trivia Fun 

Brad and Shelly Fisher are your hosts for an evening of laughs, learning and a little shoulder-shugging.  Why do Selichot services start at midnight? Why do some Jews avoid eating nuts on Rosh HaShannah? If you're sick, you are forbidden to fast on Yom Kippur, but do you still have to say the regular blessings over food? If you're like most of us, you'll be guessing a lot and kibbutzing even more.

(Open to the public)

Join the Fun Now! 

Sept. 28th, 3 - 4pm: Wrestling with God

Jews and Judaism have spent 4,000 years trying to understand our relationship to an idea that is, quite literally, inconceivable. Yet, our very name Israel defines us as God-strugglers. What does that mean? What does it require? Jump down the rabbit hole with Alan Silverman, as we go searching for a glimpse of the Almighty. We'll look at how many scholars believe Jews went from idol worshippers to a people defined by their relationship to God. Then we'll fast forward to today as we try and understand God's relevance, both in our lives and contemporary Judasim. 

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Sept. 28, 5pm: What Farming Has Taught Me About Teshuvah

Alive and productive one day, gone the next. What does squash have to do with personal growth? Join Justin Goldstein in hearing about the first season at Yesod Farm+Kitchen and discuss the spiritual lessons gleaned from a life of farming. 

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