CBI New Member Form

Welcome! We're glad you're interested in joining the CBI family. We've tried to keep this New Member Form as short as possible. Thanks for taking the time to fill it out. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Lee in the office - 828-252-8660 or Member Engagement Coordinator, Alan Silverman, 828-645-5091. Thanks again, we're glad you're here.
  • 1. Tell us about yourself and family (if applicable)

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  • 2. Your story - Our connections

    Let's start with you. Where are you from, what about your professional life and the causes that are important to you? What drives you to get up each morning? We want to know. You don't have to write a novel, just enough so that we "get" you.
  • Now it's our turn. CBI has a lot of ways to get involved in ways that are meaningful for you and the rest of our community. The majority of our members are involved in multiple ways. Take a look and check those that you think you'd be interested in.
  • 3. A few housekeeping items...

  • One of the traditions that bind CBI together as a community is our weekly Kiddush after each Shabbat service. It’s a chance for us to shmooze, catch up and enjoy a light lunch. The synagogue takes care of preparing, setting up and cleaning up after each Kiddush. To cover the cost, we ask each member family to contribute $75 a year, which will be reflected on your billing statement.
  • CBI welcomes all members regardless of political views or affiliations. A member who expresses his or her opinions in a public forum, however, shall make no reference that would lead listeners, viewers or readers to conclude that the member speaks for Beth Israel Synagogue. No members shall attribute opinions to the congregation without receiving prior clearance from the Executive Committee. Any violation of this policy will be reviewed by the Executive Committee to assess the need for disciplinary action including membership termination.
  • Photographs and video recordings are often made to document or publicize activities here at Beth Israel. We request your permission to use any material that may contain images of you or your family.
  • 4. Which one is right for you?

    Please choose one.
  • + $75 Anually (Building Maintenance) + $650 one-time fee payable over six years (Building Reserve)
  • At CBI, we firmly believe that finances should never be a barrier to participating in Jewish community. We all have something of value to offer. If you'd like to speak confidentially with someone from our Finance Committee, we're here.
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