CBI Beit Midrash

CBI Beit Midrash: Ever wonder what it’s like to study in the classic Jewish style, arguing one-on-one with your chevruta (study partner) until you both come to a new and exciting insight? CBI’s Beit Midrash is your chance.

Each session is 2-hours: the first hour in hevruta (partner) study and the second hour in group discussion. All texts are provided. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary. All one needs is a willingness to learn and share.

We come together weekly to deepen our connection and commitment to Jewish learning. With partners or in small groups we engage in the core texts of the Jewish tradition and discuss their meaning and implications in our lives.

Possible future sources include: Biblical texts, Torah commentary, Mysticism, Talmud, Jewish Philosophy & Prayer

Come learn ancient wisdom in a whole new light! We look forward to seeing you and learning together!

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