Introduction to Judaism 5779

Rabbi Batsheva Meiri of Congregation Beth Hatephila and Rabbi Justin Goldstein of CBI team up once again to co-teach Asheville’s community-wide Introduction to Judaism class. It is designed for those who are curious, those creating partnerships with Jews, and Jews who hope to refresh their connection to and knowledge of Jewish tradition. The class begins shortly after the fall High Holy Days and runs October through January. There is a fee for the class and discounts for couples. The classes will meet Tuesdays 5:30-7:00, alternating between CBI (229 Murdock Ave.) and CBHT (43 North Liberty St.)

Intro to Judaism 5779: Course Description

During this 14-week course, you'll dive into these fascinating topics:

  • Exploring Judaism: Flavors and Class Themes
  • Jewish Glossary: Timeline and Terms
  • Shabbat Through Text: Biblical to Rabbinic Evolution
  • Shamor, Zachor or Both: Re-envisioning Shabbat for Today’s Jew
  • The Intentional Jewish Calendar: Major and Minor Holidays
  • Deed not Creed: Mitzvah/Movements
  • Kashrut: Keva (Traditional) Style
  • Kashrut: Kavannah Style- Is it all or Nothing?
  • As-if Theology and an American Holiday: Chanukah
  • The Mitzvah in Bar Mitzvah & Lifecycle Events: Birth, Maturity, Partnership, & Death
  • Peoplehood and Community: Purim and the Book of Esther
  • Avodah She’balev: Liturgy, Worship, and Prayer
  • Shoah to Tekumah: Anti-Semitism, Land and State
  • Choosing and Chosenness: Who is Choosing Who and for What?