2020 Artist-in-Residence

Bound Together from Stark to Bright 

A four-day journey into the healing power of art

Monday, August 24th - Thursday, August 27th (9:30 AM to 4:30 PM)

The act of creating can be powerful and transformative. Creating the pages of books provides an avenue and impetus for healing, helping us cope with loss, grief and anger. CBI invites you to explore the possibilities during a four-day workshop led by one of North Carolina's most celebrated art teachers. 

Bound Together from Stark to Bright allows participants to express themselves by writing their stories, not through words, but by exploring and investigating the lines and marks of their lives. Guided by calligrapher and book artist, Joyce Teta, participants learn to visualize themselves from the ”inside” and create their artistic expression on the “outside” through their own unique graphic story. The products of this workshop will be two books: Stark and Bright.

The first book, STARK will be an expression of black on white using black sumi ink on white watercolor paper.  Black on white teaches us the stark clarity of design. In the process there is a special juxtaposition allowing the artist to generate meaningful ideas in the nonverbal graphic text. The resulting book’s structure will be a soft cover with a leather spine.

The second book, BRIGHT involves learning the surface design process. Students will investigate color, texture, design, and concept. Using acrylic paints, artists will create unique and beautiful surface designs for the pages of their books. This book’s structure will be a traditional hard cover book with a cloth spine.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants.
Price:  $285 for four days, plus $15 supply fee.

Instructor will provide all supplies including paper, ink, paint, brushes, paper towels, and water containers. Participants should bring an apron, latex gloves, tools for mark making, and stencils.

Cost also includes a vegetarian lunch, served daily. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the day. Participants may bring snacks to share. Please no meat, since the synagogue keeps kosher.

Instructor: Joyce Teta

JOYCE TETA founded Calligraphy Centre in 1984 in the Triad and is well-known for her enthusiastic  and inclusive teaching. She is Director and founder of International Calligraphic Retreats at Cheerio Calligraphic retreats from 1981 to present and has served as instructor with the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts 1977 to present. Joyce is also an  exhibiting member of Associated Artists of Winston Salem since 1981 and was named  the 1996 Artist of the  Year in Winston-Salem.  Her Cheerio Calligraphy Retreats, created with her husband Jim, attracts artists from across the country and around the world.

For more information, visit her website: http://calligraphycentre.com/joyce-teta/ 

Or pay by check made to Congregation Beth Israel, 209 Murdock Ave., Asheville, NC 28804.