CBI Capital Campaign

"Giving and Growing Together"

Since 1899, CBI has welcomed tens of thousands through our doors: visitors looking to say kaddish; locals hoping to reconnect with their Jewish identity; church groups, students and anyone curious about this 4,000-year old way of life. For all these and more, CBI is a place of acceptance and welcome.

Now, after nearly 50 years in the same building, we are transforming this space into one that reflects the warmth and learning inside. Our $1.25 million Capital Campaign will enable us to make significant changes to our sanctuary, learning spaces, social hall and common areas.

What's Changing

  • Redesigned sanctuary with seating in the round, improved lighting and sound, and handicap access to the bimah
  • Upgraded front entrance with spaces to sit and talk
  • Updates to the kitchen, social hall and hallways
  • Redesigned and improved handicap accessible restrooms
  • New HVAC and other infrastructure improvements

Provided funds are available:

  • Multipurpose education/conference room
  • Patio area for outdoor services, events and programs 

*Images include areas to be completed given available funds

Follow the progress of the renovations

We need your help to make it happen

To complete the full scope of the proposed renovations will require approximately $1.25 million. The good news is that, to date, CBI families have contributed over 80% of the total. Now we're extending our reach to friends, families and those who have visited CBI over the years. If you have found value - in a service, program or interaction - please consider a tax deductible gift. Help us reach our goal and ensure CBI is here for you and your family, well into the future.